$BYOB Token Auction 1!


Instructions to participate in $BYOB sales on Gnosis Auction

The diagram below sets out the approach:

Gnosis Auction User Flow

1. The seller sets four parameters:

2. Once the auctions start, the bidders start placing bids by setting the following parameters and submitting a transaction:

3. Once the auction concludes, the auctioneer submits a transaction that will calculate the closing price. The closing price is calculated using the following method:

4. After the price has settled, the auctioneer will receive the proceeds of the auction, and

Why a batch auction?

What makes this mechanism fair?

Frequently Asked Questions?

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Step By Step Instructions for participating in the BYOB Token Community Distribution via Gnosis Auction

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What is BYOB token and Data Mynt?

$BYOB (Be Your Own Bank). The digital currency to liberate the 99%!!!